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Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010


Gadis bugil telanjang Breast cancer detection can be done through screening. Genetic testing, breast self- examination and X-ray mammography are some of the most common screening methods. Genetic testing is screening method where certain genes are tested for mutations. This type of testing is recommended for women who come from families that have a history of breast cancer.
Breast self-examination is another form of screening. Several studies have shown that self-examination may not be very effective in detecting the disease in the early stages. This is because most cancers can only be detected in the advanced stages. Although there are other methods that can detect the disease in the early stages, self-examination cannot. The other shortcoming of breast self-examination is that it causes unnecessary anxiety.
X-ray mammography is another breast cancer detection method. In this screening method, x-rays are used to detect unusual masses or lumps. Experts recommend regular mammography as a screening tool in women over a certain age.
Experts say that breast cancer is as a result of environmental as well as hereditary factors. It also said that the risk developing breast cancer increases with age. Other factors that increase the risk of breast cancer are early puberty, late menopause and not having a first child after the age of 30. Research also shows that the risk is lower if a woman has a short menstrual life or gets a first child before the age of 18. Early breast cancer detection is critical because it leads to early treatment. Early treatment increases one’s chances of surviving the disease.
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